Masa is specialized in the production of tablecloths and tableware, combining high productivity with low energy and environmental impact. The company has been operating in the textile sector since 1949 according to high quality standards and respecting the planet’s resources to guarantee a suited answer to every kind of need of the customers. Thanks to a daily work that combines passion and professionalism, starting from the meticulous research of the best yarn, the control along the entire production chain to obtain the final fabric, Masa produces durable, design and always trendy tableware. Targeted and customised solutions as well as the continuous research to improve the service, have allowed the company to become synonymous with punctuality and efficiency for countless and loyal customers.



Masa creates unique, quality and innovative fabrics for original products with an exclusive style according to the customer’s request and ideas. Tablecloths are available for all types of catering, either plain or jacquard and with special embroideries or packaging elements adding impeccable touches to special occasions with elegance because it is possible to customise a table at wish. Arranging a refined, warm and cosy dining room becomes reality with Masa choosing from more than 240 nuances, with an infinite possibility of combining designs and textures. Many items are also available in stock, classified according to their size and colour.