masa celebra i 70 anni di attività

Seventy years dedicated to the daily production of high-quality textiles: this is the milestone achieved in September 2019 by Masa, a leading Italian textiles manufacturer based in Varese and a flagship manufacturer of the Made in Italy movement.

The history of Masa is inextricably linked to the Macchi-Salvati family, which has always been at the helm, as well as to the region and its workers, who, over the last 70 years, have contributed to the company’s success and have consolidated its position as market leader.

Commitment to quality since 1949

Masa’s core business is tableware, which is complemented by its range of bed linen and bathroom linen. Every product is meticulously designed by in-house technicians and creative experts – under the watchful eye of the owners – guaranteeing customers a tailor-made service to try to meet their every need. From the design all the way through to aftersales service, customers are guaranteed a product that meets the highest quality standards.

Today, the company is run by Cristina Salvati, together with her cousins Milena Salvati and Massimo Macchi. It is through the passion and professionalism that has been passed down from generation to generation over the last seventy years that the “great Masa family” – which is what Cristina Salvati calls it – has been able to transform high-quality raw material into products that meet a broad range of requirements. In addition to the personalised service on offer, there is also a range of “off the shelf” products that include around thirty designs and standard colours ready for the customer to take right away.

A courageous choice

When Antonio Salvati and Giuseppe Macchi (whose names mark the union of the two families, Macchi and Salvati) founded Masa in 1949, they only had one goal: to produce high-quality textiles. One commitment and one promise, which were adopted by their children, who have overseen the growth and development of the company.

It was Giovanni Salvati who, together with his siblings and cousin, implemented a series of courageous choices that ultimately proved to be successful. One such choice was to keep production in Italy at a time when many companies were relocating their businesses abroad and investing less in the workforce, in many cases at the expense of quality. From this perspective, the decision made by Giovanni Salvati went against the trend of the time, convinced that the success of the business relied on the company maintaining its impeccable reputation of quality.

This way of thinking has also been maintained by the current generation, Cristina, Milena and Massimo, who are proud to say that some of their employees have been with the company for twenty or thirty years.

However, an attachment to tradition should not be confused with an unwillingness to change. Quite the opposite, as Masa invests more money in innovation and research than most other Italian companies in search of ever-more personalised solutions, as well as increasingly effective ways to protect the environment.

Who chooses Masa?

Masa’s customer base is international and includes both industrial laundries, as well as large hotel chains and the hospitality and catering sectors in general.

The decision to keep the entire supply chain in Italy, including the weaving process, has helped consolidate Masa’s popularity among customers who are looking for high quality and completely tailor-made products. According to the company’s owners, it is not unusual for a customer to come to Masa with an image, perhaps taken from a newspaper or magazine, and ask them to reproduce the same textile. This is the level of personalisation Masa is willing to do, leading to ever-increasing demand from its customers. It is also why Masa took the decision to complement its traditional tablecloth and tableware production with a wide range of bed and bathroom linen in order to offer a comprehensive service to satisfy the most demanding customers. With more than 240 colours in its catalogue, which can be transformed into countless combinations of yarns and textiles, every setting, whether classic or modern, can be dressed with elegance to achieve a stylish and refined finish every time.

To celebrate Masa’s success over the last 70 years, the company will be hosting a party on September 27th for customers and friends.